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HTML del tag

In this chapter we will go into detail about the <del> tag of HTML. HTML del tag If we have to remove any content from our documents, then we use the <del> tag in that place, it is used to markup the deleted content, the browser will then read it from that base. Syntax:- Example:-… Read More »

HTML dd tag

In this chapter we will learn about HTML <dd> tag. Elements in HTML definition list, such as dictionary are represented as definitions. Below are 3 tags of the HTML Details List. <dl> tag defines the description list. <dt> tag defines data term. <dd> tag defines data definition. dd tag in HTML Browser Support:- All modern… Read More »

HTML cite tag

In this chapter, we will learn about <cite> tag of HTML. This tag designates a citation. This blog gives title to Spot Painting research paper books, website creative work etc. The main objective of adding this element is to identify the source of any material. Content written in the middle of <cite> tag of HTML… Read More »