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HTML Multimedia Code

Multimedia on the web is sound, music, videos, movies, and animations. What is Multimedia? Multimedia comes in many different formats. It can be almost anything you can hear or see, like images, music, sound, videos, records, films, animations, and more. Web pages often contain multimedia elements of different types and formats. Browser Support The first… Read More »

How to learn html Full tutorial on learning HTML

Easy ways to learn html Full HTML Coding Learned From Home Without Any Course If you want to learn HTML and that too without doing any course then you can learn HTML in a simple way. For this, you must first understand what HTML is and how HTML works. HTML is an electronic language that… Read More »

Audio Embed HTML Code How to Embed Audio Mp3 Html Code

How to embed audio in mp3, mpeg, ogg, wave etc. Embed Audio HTML Code Embed audio from html5 Any audio file can be embedded via HTML code. In the old times audio was played through Sird Plugin, Audio file MP3 wave Mpeg etc. can be embedded via HTML 5 code. HTML5 Element <audio> Control Use… Read More »

HTML Editors

HTML coding requires an editor.Text editor is the one who allows text to edit.Different types of HTML Text Editors are available using which you can easily text edit. Example:-Notepad,Notepad++,Sublime Text,Vim etc. Notepad:Notepad is a free text editor in which you can easily do HTML text edit.Notepad can easily open in windows . Write some HTML… Read More »

HTML Introduction

HTML is a Hyper Text Markup Language which is used to create web pages and web applications. HTML is easy to learn. Hyper Text:-The entry of text inside a text is called Hyper Text.Hyper Text is a way to link two or more web pages. Markup Language:-Markup Language works to make text dynamic.   What… Read More »