HTML Global attributes

By | February 14, 2020

HTML has many attributes but there are some global attributes that can be used with all except a few exceptions.

We can use the below given global attributes with any of the HTML elements.

class It reflects a class name for an element.
accesskey It specifies a shortcut key to activate an element.
data-* It is used to store personal data in a page or in an application.
contenteditable Directs whether the content of an element is editable or not.
dir It specifies the direction for a content.
draggable Specifies whether an element is draggable.
dropzone Directs whether the dragged data has been moved or linked.
hidden This indicates that the element is not yet or is not relevant.
id It specifies a unique unique ID for a single element.
spellcheck It specifies whether the text or grammar of an element is to be checked.
lang It specifies the language of the content of an element.
style This specifies the inline style for an element.
tabindex It specifies the tabular form for an element.
title This specifies additional information for an element.
translate It specifies whether the content of an element should be translated.

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