HTML Headings

By | January 2, 2020

Heading has main 6 in HTML.<h1>,<h2>,<h3>,<h4>,<h5> and <h6>.<h1> heading comes at the top which represents Head of HTML documents.The higher the heading level number,the <h6> tag defines the least important heading in the document.Text size depends on the number of heading.

    <h1>Heading 1</h1>
    <h2>Heading 2</h2>
    <h3>Heading 3</h3>
    <h4>Heading 4</h4>
    <h5>Heading 5</h5>
    <h6>Heading 5</h6>


One more example:-

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <h1>This is Main Heading.</h1>
    <h2>This is First sub Heading.</h2>
    <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Iure, possimus?</p>
    <h3>This is second sub heading.</h3>
    <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.</p>


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