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By | January 3, 2020

We can do text formatting in HTML. We can give text a new look by text formatting. Inside HTML there are elements that can be used inside or outside HTML to give text a new look. You can also style HTML style. Formatting HTML makes our web page attractive to the user.


In the following example text is used to make the text bold. <i> tags italics the text. <mark> tag is taken to mark the text so that the marked text is easily visible to the user. <small> tag reduces text size.

Similarly :-

<i> - Italic text
<b> - Bold text
<mark> - Marked text
<ins> - Inserted text
<sub> - Subscript text
<sup> - Superscript text
<em> - Emphasized text
<small> - Small text

Past these codes in his editor and see their results.

<h1>This is <i>italic text.</i></h1>
<p>Lorem <b>ipsum dolor</b> sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.</p>
<h2>This is <mark>Mark</mark> text.</h2>
<h2>Lorem <ins>ipsum</ins> dolor sit amet, consectetur.</h2>
<h2>This is<sub>sub</sub> text.</h2>
<h2>This is<sup>sup</sup> text.</h2>
<h2>Lorem<em>ipsum dolor sit</em> amet.</h2>
<h2>This is<small>all small</small> text.</h2>



Below is the address element of a HTML within which the address is taken.

	Home town Sardarshahr<br>



<q> can use the tag and take the text in quotation.

<h2>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,<q> consectetur adipisicing elit. Iure, possimus.</h2>

By using <blockquote> tag, we can make blocks of text in HTML.

<p>"The way my destiny has taken shape, it will certainly be comforting to any poor child who is living in a small place under no social conditions".</p>
<cite>— APJ Abdul Kalam</cite>
apj abdul kalam
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