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URL has a Uniform Resource Locator. URL is actually a web address. We can include words in the URL or include Internet Protocol. The information in the URL is easily encoded so that it can be easily transmitted over the Internet.

Most URLs are named because the name is easier to remember than the number.



scheme: It is used to describe the type of Internet services.

prefix: This is used to describe the prefix of the domain.

domain: It is used to describe Internet domain names such as(

port: Port is used to access port numbers on the host.

path: The path is used to translate the path on the server.

filename: Filename is used to translate the name of a document.

URL Encoding:-

It is used to set ASCII characters in such a way that it can be used easily on the Internet, by setting ASCII characters, a URL can be sent to the Internet.

In URL encoding, non- ASCII is converted to% followed by a hexadecimal digit.

URL may not contain any space. URL encoding normally takes one place with (+) sign or %20.

Some Example:-

Character                   From Windows-1252                    From UTF-8

       €                        %80                                 %E2%82%AC
       £                       %A3                                 %C2%A3
       ©                       %A9                                 %C2%A9
       ®                        %AE                                 %C2%AE 
       À                       %C0                                 %C3%80
       Á                      %C1                                 %C3%81
       Â                        %C2                                 %C3%82
       Ã                        %C3                                 %C3%83  
       Ä                        %C4                                 %C3%84
       Å                      %C5                                 %C3%85 

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